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iPhone Dock - Phone - iPod Dock - Phone - Charger and Sync Station - Coiled Wire Headset B Model - Plugin Headset

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WOW.. First of the Brand New series of IPhone Phones.. The 50's Model B Coiled Wire Plugin Headset, y.. talk on your phone while its charging . will make a great base unit ..

Sync up your Iphone-ipod in the old world style, natural wood that goes with any decor.

50's Styling B model Headset - Blue LED indicates function mode.. Coiled wire headset model with volume control ( also offering a wireless bluetooth models check other sales )

Make and receive calls

Brass V1 Deluxe Model - Solid Oak base

Handcrafted, Very Limited Edition, Not mass produced...Custom finished Solid Hardwood

Comes with USB cables

Best of all you can leave your case on your iphone..just insert into the dock.. without removing your cover.

Fits all modern iPhones and iPods. (except shuffles and firewire based units)

Offering a TV/Video Version of the same unit - Plug and play on your TV-Video Source.. Check out the other sales offered here at Etsy..

This purchase is for the iPhone-iPod Dock and USB cable only ( iPhone, keyboard, mouse and iMac are shown for display only)

This would make a beautiful addition to some ones Home, Office, or place of Business..

Check site for more images and info
http://www.oldtimecomputer.com custom design hardware in the old world style...as seen on wired.com----

Please Note... allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery .. I am fighting Cancer a second time so there will be a delay in the delivery... So please don't ask the next day is it shipped yet? ..

Thanks .. woodguy

also available in different woods and finishes, cherry, hard maple, oak, hand painted marble and rusty metal finishes.. ( check shop for cool items )

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